About the Movie

The true, inside story of the investigation into the assassination of John F. Kennedy, told by the men who solved the murder, and the people whose lives were changed by it.

A new documentary exploring the unvarnished facts of the Kennedy Assassination, as told by the Warren Commission investigators, credible experts, and by the first person accounts of people close to the events of the day. Without relying on conjecture or speculation, this film lays out the actual evidence discovered in the case, and in so doing dispels the myths and conspiracy theories that have perpetuated through the decades.

It is the story of an actual investigation of a murder, performed by real people in Cold War America. This will show the staff investigators as they were, and are, rather than the caricatures that have been painted by some “researchers” of incompetent lawyers or compromised Commissioners under the thumb of a new President with nefarious motives These were honorable men, devoted to their government service, dedicated to finding the truth.

This film explores what these men thought at the time of the investigation and what their views are today. It offers a thorough examination of the hard evidence of the case, updated with the benefit of the passage of time. It is a unique view into the workings of history and, perhaps, one of the only remaining opportunities for people to judge for themselves the effectiveness and conclusions of The Warren Commission. This work may be the last chance to probe those individuals who conducted a long and exhaustive investigation.

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